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 Fletching guide

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pk killa

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PostSubject: Fletching guide   Fletching guide EmptySat May 02, 2009 10:11 am

Okay hello all who are getting 99 Fletching. How we all doing today? Well This is my Fletching guide to 99. Okay so first we are going to buy an axe or smith 1 either way is okay. Now we go to Seers, to get to seers use the teleport button with the S on it.

Okay now that we are ready lets get started.

1) Cut normal logs and make arrow shafts, keep doing this until you have 45 Fletching as arrow shafts give better experience than bow-oak longbow.

2) Now that we have 45 Fletching were going to move on to willows, if cutting on your own they can be found behind the bank of Seers. Keep Fletching willow longbows until you have 55 Fletching, don't string them for stringing bows gives no exp.

3) Now we move on to maple logs, which can be found in the same place as the willows or all over Seers. Now you fletch maple short bows until you have 60 fletching. Once you have 60 Fletching start making maple longbows until you have 70 fletching.

4) Now that we have 70 fletching its time to start fletching Yew longbows. The reason we dont make any short bows is because its like this willow longbows give better experience than maple shortbows. So fletch Yew longbows until you have 80 fletching.

5) Now our 2 final steps now that you have 80 fletching make Magic shortbows until you have 85 fletching. Now that you have 85 fletching your ready to make the last bow which is Magic longbows. Make Magic longbows until you have 99 fletching!!!!

6) Make rune arrows for cash or for range.

7) Maybe 99 range!!!!!

Sencierly ~Pk K!lla~
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PostSubject: Re: Fletching guide   Fletching guide EmptySat May 02, 2009 10:56 am

Nice /guide but 3/10 for no pics i am sorry, but 10/10 for grammer
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Fletching guide
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